Good Vibrations

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Good vibrations are always needed. Starting the day right with a powerful affirmation from Your Joyologist, calming smells from PF Candle Co and some Good Karma spritz. All with the Sun watching over. 
  • Own Your Awesome affirmation deck from ‘Your Joyologist’
  • Good Karma essential oil spritz from ‘Happy Spritz’
  • Golden Coast Incense from ‘PF Candle Co’
  • Sun banner from ‘The Rise And Fall’
  • Chocolate bar from 'Raaka'
  • Smudge bundle from 'Karacotta'

All the goodies come in a magnetic closure box and include a handwritten card.

The "Good Vibrations" box is a great birthday gift, just because gift, or to send good juju to someone that matters to you.